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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Available catnip toys

As promised in the cat toy drive blog posting, here are a few photos of the handmade catnip toys that are currently on hand.

Each heart and star catnip measures approximately 5 inches. These fiberfill toys are light enough to be carried around by your cat and tossed up into the air for play time. They are also large enough for your cat to get a good grip on them when snuggling down for nap time. Each catnip toy is stuffed with a generous heaping of organic catnip.

Red-White Hearts.

Blue/Red Hearts (double sided).

Pink Leopard Hearts.

Blue Stars.

Red Stars.

For the kitties who are into astrology, these horoscope catnip toys measure about 4 inches by 4 inches. They feature your kitty's zodiac sign on the front and purple stars on the back. Each cat toy contains a generous helping of organic catnip!

Don't know your cat's sign? No worries! We've also created a line of catnip toys featuring the sun & moon.

These smaller toys measure about 3 inches by 3 inches and are the perfect size for smaller cat paws. There are a variety of cat characters with their own saying - Fraidy Cat, Psycho Cat, Royal Highness, Princess, and more - with bumble bee fabric on the reverse side. Each catnip toy is stuffed with organic catnip.

The above Evie's Ark catnip toys sell for $3 each. Shipping will be included in that price during this month for the Cat Toy Drive. Just send an email to eviesark {at} gmail {dot} com with the description of the item you would like to purchase. If there is a style that you like, but want in a different color, please let me know. I'll make custom toys for your kitties. Please also stay tuned for more styles coming soon!

And remember - for every catnip toy that you purchase from Evie's Ark, I'll also donate a catnip toy to Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary!