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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

So I told you about the tattoo girl fabric that my Mom bought me for Christmas. Well, we decided to have a little fun with it and do a fabric challenge! So we each took a piece of the tattoo girl fabric and then ventured out on our own to see what unique idea we would come up with for our own quilt.

It just so happens that my Mom's quilt retreat coincided with the start of our fabric challenge. You see, several times a year, my Mom and her friends will rent a cabin in Lake Tahoe or Dillon's Beach just for the sole purpose of sewing all weekend long. Doesn't that sound heavenly? She calls it her quilting retreat. I call it her old lady slumber party! So this weekend, it turns out that Mom was super busy with our fabric challenge at her quilt retreat. In fact, she completely finished her art quilt with the tattoo girl fabric! Take a peek.

Mom's "Tattoo Girl" art quilt will be available at Side Show Studios in March and April.

Mom used variegated colors and all free-hand motion on her thread work.

I love the hand-dyed batiks!

Here's another little tidbit about Mom's quilt. See the yellow floral fabric? Well, that's for the fabric challenge in our quilt guild! She's schooling all of us in one piece! Very smart!

Wow - I'm so impressed with the stunning colors, artistic design, and attention to detail. And now that I've seen what I'm up against, I better get back to my sewing machine! And oh, Mom - it's sooooooooo on!

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