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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The cat's in the cradle...

...and the silver spoon.
Little boy blue and the man 'n the moon.

So I've been on a hunt lately. My search for the perfect shelving unit has been relentless for many weeks. You see, I'm turning my front sunroom into an art studio! So in my effort to become obsessively organized, I began my search for the perfect solution to storing fabric, craft supplies, and canvases. I've looked high and low at the usual suspects - Target, Office Depot, IKEA, but was only left dissatisfied.

So while on the way home from a client meeting earlier this week, I made a short detour to the local Goodwill store. And that's where I came across this little gem! I figure I can sand down and refinish this baby doll cradle and paint it so that it has that kitschy feel I so want. What a perfect solution for storing fat quarters and other sewing notions! And the best part - when I got to the counter and flashed a smile at the cashier, he gave me the "furniture discount" and this catch cost me only $5!

I brought my new find home and set it down in the dining room. And that's when Zoey happened!

I had the best intentions with this baby doll cradle, but it looks like Zoey has another idea altogether! Perhaps I'll sew her a brightly colored cat cushion to go inside her new cradle. So I'll be back at the Goodwill store again soon to see if I can't find another solution for my organizational challenges. I'll also work on not falling victim to the cat's persuasive ways!


Juli's Jewels said...

I stack my fabric in color coordinated pack and then tie them with yarn and stack them in one of those wire mesh drawer units, so the fabric can breath.

Peptogirl said...

LOL! My cats always claim at least half of what I bring home! Actually, they are really obsessed with Darryl's skateboard right now. They fight over who gets to sit on it and even if we push them around the apartment on it, they won't get off. I need to make a video. Give Zoey a pet for me!

Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

Juli - I would need about 40 wire baskets!!!

Amy - Zoey has three cat beds, a cat tree, and a scratching post! But she always wants more, more, more! And I'd love to see your skateboarding cats video!