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Monday, May 18, 2009

Persian Rescue Project

Yesterday's Photo of the Week was of a Persian that was recently rescued from a breeder's home after she passed away. Named Liberace, he is now in the care of Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary and will be available for adoption at the end of the month.

I wanted to share some more photos of the rest of the Persians that I visited with at the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary on Friday. Ladies first, of course!

This little girl's face is so sweet, especially with her tongue sticking out of her mouth!

This tiny girl had a healthy appetite and ate lots of her "cereal" err, crunchy food.

Here she is again with her new lion haircut.

This beautiful girl has a white marking across her face and it almost looks like a handlebar mustache!

She was very friendly!

After leaving the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, I went over to their new, but not yet opened location to meet the boys. So now for the gentlemen.

You met Liberace yesterday. Here he is again playing with a feather toy.

This guy looks like a little lion!

And last but not least, this silly little boy was named, "Grandpa." He is an older cat and is very friendly. But here's where he melted my heart - he makes the funniest noises! It was a combination between loud purring, an old man snoring, and a gurgling gremlin! I laughed hysterically which made him purr even more!

Here's Grandpa again, perhaps shocked that I stealthily snapped this photo of him in his skivvies!

Please visit the Happy Tails website for additional information on these sweet Persian cats and to learn how you can give one a forever home.

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