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Sunday, June 21, 2009

How I fell madly in love!

Yesterday was the Happy Tails Kitten Adopt-A-Thon, which I had been looking forward to for many months. I had been thinking about adding another cat to the family, but didn't want to bring home just any kitten. I wanted to make sure that I had the perfect match for Zoey's spunky personality. So a friend and I headed over to the Adopt-A-Thon event a half hour before it started. And when we got there, the room was already packed with people snatching kittens out of cages and furiously filling out adoption papers! It was beautiful chaos!

The small lobby of the storage company was packed with wire cages filled with nearly 50 kittens. I saw a sweet little tortie kitten that reminded me of my first cat Taz. I also spotted an all-white kitten with one blue eye and one green eye! Then my heart skipped a beat when I saw a fuzzy gray and white kitten with green eyes. She shared a cage with 5 tuxedo boy kittens who were swinging from the top of the cage like monkeys. She calmly took it all in stride. And I knew I had my new kitten.

Meet Isadora, or Izzy for short.

Izzy stakes her claim on the cat bed. Zoey settles for the king sized comforter.


And the best news - all 49 of the kittens that were available for adoption found forever homes with permanent families!

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