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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Operation Underground Railroad Secret Santa Kitten Rescue

My assignment should I choose to accept it (cue Mission: Impossible music here) - to covertly hide the world's cutest kitten in my house for two days and then ultimately return her to Santa's sneaky elf so that the kitten can be given to a lucky, little girl on Christmas morning.

So my friend Jill had been planning this covert operation for some time. And when she came to my craft faire at Beatnik Studios and told me of her plan - and the complications that it involved with the SPCA being closed at Christmas - I wondered how I could help. Jill's daughter Lily wanted her very own kitty. And what better surprise than to have Santa deliver one on Christmas morning! But the SPCA was closing early on Christmas Eve and wouldn't be open again until after Christmas. So Jill would have to adopt a kitten and then figure out where to hide it until Christmas. And that's when she asked me to join the inner lair of Secret Santa Kitten Rescue. Well, truth be told - I think I actually blurted out, "We can hide her at my house!" Yeah, I'm a sucker for a sweet, little fur ball! So that's what we did.

When Jill dropped off Secret Santa Kitten on day one, the little one was still groggy from her spay surgery earlier that day. So I tucked her into the heated cat bed with her new baby blanket. She slept for there several hours with me petting her every once in a while to see if she would wake up.

When Secret Santa Kitten finally did awake from her long catnap, she was hungry! I put some of her crunchies in a bowl and she chowed down! Here's a photo of my fat cats Zoey and Izzy supervising to make sure that the kitten does it right!

After eating, the kitten needed another nap. Yeah, I tend to do that after a big meal, too. Here's the little one sleeping on the couch next to Zoey. Yeah, Zoey is the raddest cat ever!

After the second nap, Secret Santa Kitten ate her dinner. She has impeccable manners and made sure to wipe the crumbs from her mouth afterwards!

That night, I went to bed and woke up with three kitties snuggled down for warmth. It was a little slice of Heaven!

On day two, Secret Santa Kitten actually wore out Zoey and Izzy with all of her frisky playing! She batted this orange mouse around on the wood floors for about four hours.

Then she moved onto one of Izzy's favorite toys and swatted at this spinning mouse for some time. At one point, she couldn't see where the mouse was hidden in the toy and started looking around the coffee table for it!

She then joined the already exhausted Zoey and Izzy for a nap on the dining room chairs in front of the heater.

Here, she has discovered an Evie's Ark, All Things Animal catnip toy! She may have a future as one of my newest spokescats!

She poses in a Santa hat while I explain that she will soon go to her forever home with a happy, little girl who will love her very much.

Secret Santa Kitten has already fallen in love with her big cousin Zoey and has a little temper tantrum about leaving her. Or perhaps she was just yawning. We may need to arrange for play dates in the future!

One Christmas Eve, Jill came over to pick up the Secret Santa Kitten. While I was sad to see the frisky fur ball leave, I know that she will make a very magical memory for a little girl who will always remember this Christmas.

Mission accomplished.

Update: Lily loves her new kitten and named her Cookie.

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