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Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Tails Tour

On Friday evening, I went to the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary for a meeting. While there, I took the opportunity to show two friends the facility. Along the way, I snapped a few photos of the feline residents.

There are three large glass enclosed rooms at the Sanctuary. The cats are divided into groups by age. As you walk by each room, the cats either greet you at the glass walls or the metal screen doors. This little guy kind of reminds me of Yoda!

We began in the senior room where the cats are ages 8 and older. I really, really wanted to take this old man kitty home with me and just let him sleep out the rest of his golden years on my couch! He even made old man snoring noises!

We then moved to the general population room which housed about 25 cats in a cage-free environment. This free-roaming area allows you an opportunity to see how the cats interact with each other and it gives you a sense of how they will act in their natural environment. It is much easier to get a feel for their personality in this setting, rather than with each animal just shoved in a confining cage.

The cats who live at Happy Tails are at least a year old, while the kittens are fostered in homes. I loved this spunky and playful girl! And my favorite thing about her - the hair between her toes was so long that it curled around her feet when she stood up!

Just chillin'.

We laughed at this cat who hogged three food bowls to himself! And the funniest thing - he didn't eat directly from the bowl; instead he scooped the canned food out with his paw and then licked the food from between his toes! I wonder if he realizes that is the same foot that was in the litterbox...

Ilsa made a new friend in Chi, a kitty who had an upper-respiratory illness. This outgoing kitty is now in one of the private recovery rooms until she can get over her cold.

When we went to leave, several cats gathered at the door as if to say, "I'm going with you!"

If you are interested in adopting a Happy Tails kitty, please visit their website at www.happytails.org.

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