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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Do not open 'til Christmas!

Okay, it's safe to peek now!

So this Christmas, I decided to make art for Mom and Dad. Because nothing says, "I love you" like something created from the heart!

Here is the mess that I started with - a pile of assorted batik fabrics. Yes, that's Zoey's butt in the picture. She's trying to figure out the best way to nap in the stack of fabrics!

After sorting the fabrics by color, I jumped right into my quilted wall hangings. Dad has always been an avid fisherman, so naturally I decided to create a fish piece for him. And I was excited about the opportunity to create "water" with my blue and purple batiks!

I used double-sided fusible to secure the trout and to create the yellow "picture frame." I then sewed everything down with a variegated thread. I love how the variegated thread adds so much more color to the fabrics!

I squealed when I found this fabric. I used it as the backing for my quilted wall hanging. Doesn't it look like bubbles in the water?

I then added some beading detail to the water and the trout's eye.

Here's the final piece which took two days to create. I call it "Golden Trout" and it measures a hefty 14" x 18".

For my birthday in November, my Mom gave me an art quilt workbook, so I wanted to try out some of those techniques for the piece that I created for her. I wanted something less traditional and more artsy. Ultimately, I created a piece that used Asian fabrics and imagery so as to inspire hope, peace, and serenity.

I call this "At Peace." It measures 16" x 14". I again used double-sided fusible to secure a variety of fabrics. The dragonflies have beaded eyes and their "trails" were created by free-hand motion sewing with variegated threads.

I love the three Asian women set on a backdrop of flying cranes.

Here is the stitching and beading detail on the water lily.

The back of this quilted wall hanging features Asian fans and flowers. And of course, my artist tag!

Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad! Love you both!


studio lolo said...

These art quilts are lovely!! I've bought a few quilted postcards from Etsy and fell in love with them. You'd be good at those I think :)

Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

Thank you kindly! I've actually started with smaller pieces and have been working my way up to larger quilts!