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Monday, December 8, 2008

Zoey was interviewed!

Here's the article published in the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary newsletter, where Zoey was interviewed as a "Success Story."

Evie & Zoey — Love Will Always Find a Way
By Holly Putt

In 2006, Evie Turner, marketing coordinator for KVIE Public
Television, participated in a film shoot for KVIE’s Arts Alive
program featuring “Painting for Paws,” a Happy Tails annual
fund-raising art show. What Evie didn’t know was that she was
about to meet the love of her life.

While preparing for the shoot at the Happy Tails Adopt-A-Pet
Center, a skinny little kitty named Alegra crawled into Evie’s
arms and nestled in her lap … and there was no turning back.
Evie fell head over heals for the kitty, and the kitty found a new
home and a new name — Zoey.

Discovered in an abandoned car in front of the Sacramento Loaves
& Fishes, Zoey weighed a mere 5 pounds at nearly 3 years old.
She had a long road of recovery ahead of her and was hospitalized
for many weeks. Fortunately, with the help of good medical care,
Happy Tails’ dedication and most of all Evie’s love and kindness,
Zoey regained her health and is now a 14-pound ball of energy.

“She just loves to zip around the house to hear herself run across
the hardwood floors,” says Evie. Zoey, known for her affectionate
nature, is the household’s “welcoming committee.” She flourishes
in the spotlight, greeting every guest who steps inside Evie’s house.

Life for Evie and Zoey is better than ever. Evie enjoys the
company of her kitty companion, and Zoey loves helping Evie
with daily activities and her artistic hobbies, such as painting
canvases or sewing cat toys. Evie has her own website — www.
eviesark.etsy.com — featuring her own handmade cat toys, and
Zoey gets to show everyone how they work!

When Evie and Zoey first met, who would have thought that
the sick and skinny kitty who snuggled in her lap would be
Evie’s new companion and best friend? I guess what they say is
true: “What’s meant to be will always find a way.”

Holly Putt is a Happy Tails volunteer and proud owner of Dottie,
a 12-pound Bengal kitty who loves to chase ping pong balls.

Click here to read the entire Happy Tails newsletter: http://www.happytails.org/PDFs_Docs/HappyTailsWinter08FINAL.pdf

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