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Sunday, February 15, 2009

How we found love

Last night, we held the Sacramento Art Connects "Looking For Love" art show fundraiser at Vox Sacramento! And we had an overwhelming amount of support for not only the art on display, but also for the drawing baskets which had been publicized as the fundraising prizes! I was able to get over $1,200 in donated goodies to put into the six baskets! I pulled an all-nighter the night before the art show assembling these baskets. I'm very pleased with how nicely they turned out.

Emily was kind enough to push her Valentine's dinner plans back to a later time in the evening so that she could come help out at the show. And Char was just thrilled to be out of the shop. She had her pitch down on selling the drawing tickets!

So while Emily and Char were manning the table, I snuck off to take a peek at the art on display. I snapped a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Gabriel Sanford.

This piece just makes me smile!

Kelly Croisdale. I'm loving the new look to her art.

Mark Stivers.

Jim Shepard Jr. I think he might have camped out to get all of his art hung!

My favorite animal has always been the cat. Elephants are a very close second. There is wisdom in their beautiful eyes.

I was crushed to find out that this vanity piece had already sold. Someone got a great deal and a stunning piece of art!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Sacramento Art Connects and Vox Sacramento!

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