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Friday, February 13, 2009

I scored!

So while taking a brain break, I decided to cruise around the Craig's List arts and crafts section. That's when I came across an ad posted by a woman who said that she just didn't have time to quilt any more and was selling off her stash. Wait, what? Who doesn't have time to quilt? There are days when I forget to eat because I haven't once gotten up from the sewing machine! So I jumped on this opportunity and sent her my my best pleading email about how I would take tender loving care of her dear fabric.

So after the long trek during rush hour traffic and a torrential downpour, I reached my destination in West Roseville. And for a few mere bucks, here's my grand prize!

I so love the kitties on these fabrics. Those pieces will be incorporated into the Evie's Ark Rat-a-tat Cat Mats, which will soon be brought back by popular demand. Wink, wink!

These brightly colored fabrics are all fat quarters. I wonder what I should create. Perhaps a sea themed baby quilt?


Soldier without a War said...

wow...you really did score!!!

QuirkyDolls said...

I'm heading over to Craigslist rigth now!............

polkadot8590 said...

geez your really ubsessed with art and animals and stuff. im kinda like you but not really.