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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home, sweet home

I'm finally starting to feel better after my terrible bout of bronchitis. So a friend came over and we decided to take advantage of the lovely Sacramento weather by going for a long walk in Midtown. As usual, I took my camera with me. I snapped these photos of some of the amazing architecture in the historical Midtown homes.

We walked around McKinley Park where everything is starting to bloom.

This little duck looks like he has a mohawk!

We continued our walk and came across these three homes.

I love the mural on the side of this corner market.

Another beautiful example of art in public places.

I've seen a lot of homes in the Midtown area with the glass insets in the porch overhangs. I'll do some research into whose architectural style this is.

This home has historical significance. Named the Louise Groth home, it was built in 1910 in the traditional two-story Craftsman style that was typical of the bunglow homes of that era.

The following home is one of my favorite houses in Midtown! Local legend has it that it's haunted and that several deaths have occured in the home, but nothing can be substatiated. The home was built in 1907 for Dr. Aden Hart, founder of Sutter Hospital. Local residents refer to the home as the Martinez Mansion, named such after a family who once occupied the home. The house is now owned by another local family, but has not been lived in since the 1970s. Many urban legends, rumors, and speculation surround this home, so the truth about its history is difficult to trace.

Can't wait for our next walk!

1 comment:

Sacred Yoli said...

Great blog Evie!

I toured that "Martinez" home about 4 years ago. They were trying to sell it at some ungodly price and had a private broker's tour. It was creepy, and I just couldn't get passed all the dollars it would take to refurbish. haha. I think that was more scarier for me than the "hauntings".