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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scary crafting strikes again!

Last night, I got together with a group of friends for our Scary-Crafters Night at Side Show Studios. I love our monthly get-togethers because it's not only a chance to catch up with girlfriends, but it's also a chance to learn about other art techniques.

Yoli put together embellished journals/albums created from paper sandwich bags. What a unique idea!

She's going to teach this art technique to a group of students later this week. Can't wait to see what the kids make!

Char is busy working on a series of paintings based on the lyrics of The Decemberists songs. She's sketching a new piece here.

Lori Ann whipped together this fabric laptop holder, complete with velcro enclosures. The fabric is a favorite of mine - tiny, pink kittens! Yeah, she sewed this entire project - from concept to completion - in just a few hours!

Here's my friend, Tera. I walked her through the steps of completing a few basic quilt blocks. I showed her how to sew a nine patch and how to do the triangle technique. I hope that she'll create a quilt of her own. That would make me happy!


Sacred Yoli said...

OMG, that was a fun and chill night! You are coming for the encaustic tutorial, si?

Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

Why, yes I am! Especially since Jill and I coerced you into teaching us! Can't wait!